Our Vision

Our purpose can be summarized in Proverbs 31:9; "Speak out for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.” 

Our vision is to BE a voice for children, Motivate others to action,  Create and Support projects.


Our primary vision is to create a better quality of live for children through support and implementing projects to nurture and improve spiritual, emotional, educational, physical, social, and cultural well-being. Our hearts are to see people invest collective energies, talents & resources to care for hungry, lonely and outcast children. We as Christians have the responsibility and privilege to bring the message of God’s redeeming love, holistic healing and hope. No force can stand against the power of God’s love. GCA exists to be the hands and feet that bring that love.

Humanitarian Aid

GCA provides a variety of aid. We provide creative scholarship for young women. As resources are available we give clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, food, hygienic products and medicine to those in need. We offer financial support to other ministries involved in feeding programs, rescue and intervention, as well as the care of orphans.

Training and Equipping

A huge part of what we do is training and equipping children and leaders. When children and leaders see and accept the message of love and hope their lives are transformed. Transformed lives then transform villages, regions, states, countries, continents, and the world. Through teaching, mentoring, modeling and equipping we hope to see this transformation.


GCA desires to make known the reality of children at risk. To be a voice for those whose voices are not heard. We believe the more people are made aware, the more people get involved in helping make transformation possible. We speak in churches, conferences, community clubs and groups to raise awareness and encourage involvement.

About The Ricketts

Founders Jason & Sarah Ann Ricketts are from the Shoals area in Alabama. The Ricketts family lived and worked as fulltime overseas missionaries for 7 years. Ministering in Thailand and other Asian countries. While there with their three birth daughters Daddy God blessed them with their first adopted daughter.

As faith filled believers, the Ricketts strive to be real and to demonstrate God’s love. Through ministering together as a family, doing life with other people and allowing them into our lives. To share Daddy God's love through our family by being intentional and discipling through deep relationships and walking beside believers.

The Ricketts core beliefs are to live a lifestyle of worship and love for Jesus. To honor and glorify God in all we do. To fulfill the Great Commission through the Great Commandment. It is our believe that missions is not only around the world but begins in your living room, moves to your surroundings, expands to your country and into the nations.

“We are people just like you, ordinary people living ordinary lives who have made a decision to use what we have to make something extraordinary happen in the life of a child in need.” Jason

“I love to dream with Daddy God everyday. I love to imagine ways to best minister to all those who need to feel Daddy God’s love. I strive to live from a place of complete surrender and worship so when presented with an opportunity to be Jesus’ love to the hurting my answer is always YES.” Sarah Ann

“I often don't feel well equipped, but love how Mother Theresa spoke about being just a drop in the ocean.  The drop seemed so tiny but without that impact, the ocean is less. I am a drop that makes a difference. “ Anna Cole

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